Wikileaks Diary Dig Mashup Resources

25.10.2010 by Michael

Wikileaks just released a huge database of classified front reports from the Iraq War. I was first disappointed that they did not release a database dump like with the Afghan War Logs where they provided CSV and SQL files.

Diary Dig JSON API

But the Diary Dig JSON API is much more powerful for web mashups. There is no full API documentation. But it works as simple as adding “json” to the URL of a Wikileaks Iraq War Logs Explorer query. All the parameters for your search are located in the navigation on the left side.


This is the jQuery documentation for loading the data:

Google Fusion Tables

The Guardian provides a set of data about deaths during the war via Google Fusion Tables:
Google Fusion Tables provides a simple interface for uploading large data sets from spreadsheets or CSV files and to visualize them on maps, timelines and charts.
More data from the Guardian:

Long loading time …

More examples about visualizations are provided by QWNI who created the War Logs collaborative interface:

Flickr Dump in X3DOM

19.10.2010 by Michael

Another short X3DOM mashup: Flickr Dump. A small physics scene that piles up images uploaded to Flickr in real time.

(Hint: If you are using Firefox 4 Beta on a Macbook then tilt it.)

3D Prints arrived

29.07.2010 by Michael

My first 3D prints arrived from Shapeways. I printed a prototype for my project “Shadow Cabinet” and some InstantReality gears. A great new technology is waiting.

Live X3DOM coding in the browser

20.06.2010 by Michael

Mozilla Bespin is great. With the embedded version and jQuery you can create a live coding editor with two lines of code.

Thus i wrote an experimental X3DOM live coding page over the weekend. Write X3D code on the left and see the results on the right. I hope to integrate it on the X3DOM examples pages soon.

Try the editor

Talk at Basis Frankfurt

02.06.2010 by Michael

Florian Jenett invited me to give a talk about AR, cultural heritage, user experience and open standards at Basis Frankfurt yesterday. Here are the slides. Images are following.

Meet me tonight at ARE2010 in Santa Clara. I’ll give a talk about AR and open standards at the “AR in a box – An X3D solution” event of the Web3D Consortium via Skype.

Google Encrypted Search – Opensearch Plugin

22.05.2010 by Michael

Google announced encrypted search yesterday. In order to use it in the browser’s search bar i quickly created an opensearch plugin via Just added the ‘s’ to http://.

Download and install
View source

TextWrangler: Open X3D File in InstantPlayer

20.04.2010 by Michael

I worked with Processing and Arduino for years and appreciated the cmd-r shortcut for running the project. This is what i was missing for years while editing X3D files in TextWrangler and running in InstantPlayer. Finally it only took me 10 minutes googling and scripting. The result is brilliant: cmd-r and my X3D file opens in InstantPlayer. I hit Esc and it returns to TextWrangler.

This is how it works:

1. Download and copy the script “Open in Instant Player.scpt” (remove .txt) into TextWrangler’s Scripts folder (~yourhome/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Scripts) -> It now appears in the Script Menu.
2. Open in TextWrangler “Window/Palettes/Scripts”
3. Select the “Open in InstantPlayer” script
4. Click “Set Key…” and define a shortcut (mine is cmd-r)

PS: Enable “Allow tab key to intend text blocks” in “Preferences/Editing: Keyboard”, too!

AOL Shares

19.03.2010 by Michael

“If I had a share of AOL for every time someone said the same thing about how no one would use the Web because it was too nerdy and AOL was so cool and easy, I’d have millions of shares, and they’d be worth basically nothing.”

Cory Doctorow in BoingBoing comments

Augmented Reality with X3DOM and FLARToolkit

01.03.2010 by Michael

Jens and i wrote the first AR demo based on WebGL and X3DOM. It uses FLARToolkit / FLARMaganger for marker tracking and renders via X3DOM. The superimposed model is a globe with NASA satellite texture with live clouds.

The Flash file for tracking and Javascript communication will be open source and available soon. There will be a compiled version with exchangeable markers, too. Thus you don’t have to touch Flash anymore.

Link to AR demo (you’ll need a supporting browser)

OpenStreetMap Tiles

17.02.2010 by Michael

Since we can’t use Google’s satellite tiles legally, OpenStreetMap is a great alternative.

Here are the links how to get the tiles:
Slippy Map Tiles URL