TextWrangler: Open X3D File in InstantPlayer

I worked with Processing and Arduino for years and appreciated the cmd-r shortcut for running the project. This is what i was missing for years while editing X3D files in TextWrangler and running in InstantPlayer. Finally it only took me 10 minutes googling and scripting. The result is brilliant: cmd-r and my X3D file opens in InstantPlayer. I hit Esc and it returns to TextWrangler.

This is how it works:

1. Download and copy the script “Open in Instant Player.scpt” (remove .txt) into TextWrangler’s Scripts folder (~yourhome/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Scripts) -> It now appears in the Script Menu.
2. Open in TextWrangler “Window/Palettes/Scripts”
3. Select the “Open in InstantPlayer” script
4. Click “Set Key…” and define a shortcut (mine is cmd-r)

PS: Enable “Allow tab key to intend text blocks” in “Preferences/Editing: Keyboard”, too!

never use windows for installations..

.. unless you want to be embarrassed from time to time. i fought hard for only using linux and macs for installations at igd. normally drivers or a claimed ease of use are the arguments for windows. but you are paying the price soon.

in this example the public screens at the adidas store are showing a windows logo for several hours. whatever happened – a restart or an update – nobody reconized it.


windows embarrassed me several times, too. at a talk in ascona i had to present under windows because the projector did not work with linux. the antivirus software started scanning during the presentation. it took about 20 seconds to switch between the slides. last week i showed an augmented reality demonstration to european reviewers at a cultural heritage site in italy on a sony ux micro pc with windows vista. it worked great but when i restarted the computer afterwards microsoft’s wga thought i do not have a license anymore and shut it down. that was close.


the coperion installation – a multitouch table and a 8 meter wide hd projection – ran on ubuntu linux. it worked like a charm for 10 days.

instant player public beta 1 released

yesterday the public beta 1 of instantplayer has been released. it is now available for all platforms (os x, linux, windows), which is unique for x3d compatible software. i don’t mind anymore on which platform my applications will run..

the main new features for me are the visionlib marker tracking and the native apple’s sudden motion sensor. the wiimote backend did not make it in this release. i hope it will be included in beta 2 in august.

i wrote a lot of tutorials and examples for this release. they will be published early next week on the instantreality website. the software is part of my master’s course augmented reality module where i am teaching technology strategies for designers.


nasa worldwind java in processing

finally. nasa world wind java is out. i was wainting since january to play with it. it’s great that they moved from .net to java in order to get platform independent.

the sdk is very easy to use but the examples are horrible. three classes with a lot of swing and awt garbage. only 10 lines of code are really needed to get it working in processing.

import gov.nasa.worldwind.*;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.awt.*;

void setup()
size(500, 500, JAVA2D);

WorldWindowGLCanvas wwd = new WorldWindowGLCanvas();
wwd.setSize(width, height);

Model m = (Model) WorldWind.createConfigurationComponent(AVKey.MODEL_CLASS_NAME);

you have to get the worldwind sdk and extract it. create the folders worldwind/library in processing’s libraries folder and copy the file worldwind.jar into it:

next i will get it working on my movableScreen..


difference tracker for processing

one of my students wants to capture images of people in a museum in order to create a collage of all visitors per day. i wrote a difference tracker for my diploma in 2003 for Processing .68. it did not work anymore with the latest version of Processing. but it took me only half an hour to get it working again.

i want to rewrite it in order to work as java node in x3d and instantviewer for experimenting with people’s silhuettes in 3d..


source code: trackerdiff_pde.txt (rename to pde)

instantplayer public beta 0 released

i am happy that i have been working with our mixed reality software for the last years. this weekend johannes finally released the public beta 0 of the instantplayer at Web3D 2007 in italy. it was a lot of work during the last weeks to setup the application, the whole design and the website. finally this great platformindependent piece of software is available to the public for os x and windows.




my latest project “movableDisplay” uses face tracking for navigation. harald told me that opencv has a nice face detection example. so i created a small tool for OS X that uses the built-in isight of my macbook and tracks the position of the user’s head. the coordinates and the radius are sent to other applications via OSC (oscpack library). the tool should be portable to any other platform.

– install OpenCV.framework
– open your terminal and browse to the folder
– write “./FaceDetectionOSC –cascade=haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml”

the packets /x, /y and /radius are broadcasted to localhost/ via OSC.

Download FaceDetectionOSC.zip (OS X Universal)

Download Processing Example