using DarwiinRemote in processing

several people are working on drivers for nintendos Wiimote. i wrote a speedhack to use hiro’s DarwiinRemote with Processing.

i simply modified DarwiinRemote to write out a textfile with the values of the accelerometer and the orientation of the Wiimote.

there is an pde in the archive and the modified version of DarwiinRemote in the data folder. start DarwiinRemote, connect the Wiimote and then run the pde.

that’s only to start working with the Wiimote. i hope someone will write real drivers for the device soon.

JarwiinRemote for Processing on OS X (binary)
JarwiinRemote for Processing on OS X (source)

ftir multitouch with led fairy lights

today i found some cheap led christmas fairy lights in the supermarket. they are ideal for building jeff han’s multitouch displays. it’s a line of 40 leds in a row with a 3V power supply. each blue led can be easily replaced by a IR led without soldering.

i built a small setup in 10 minutes. it works. the edges of the plexiglass have to be polished and the blue leds replaced by IR ones..

for prototyping i am using processing with the blob detection library until i get the visionlib plugin for finger detection. reactivision will get finger detection soon, too.


MapChair progress

the mapchair project goes on.. month ago i bought some black IKEA Vago chairs. the chasing is great for attaching the matrix and hiding the electronics.

there will be two versions of the chair. one with an array of vibrator motors and one with a matrix of metal pins. the pins will be clustered as continents. each continent will be heated by one peltier element.

the heated pin version will display news and catastrophes in real time. the vibration arrays will display seismic data.


light box interface

im march fraunhofer igd presented an installation about photorealistic rendering at CeBIT 2006 in hannover. the stereo projection shows an high detailed 3D model of a BMW in photorealistic quality.

i created the “light box interface” for this installation. it’s a table with 8 different polaroid photos of the car on it with an integrated aluminium powermate wheel. touching a photograph activates the camera position in the 3d scene shown on the photo. thats the link between “photorealistic” and “rendering”. touching a photograph reveals an identical looking real time image on the projection.

there are touch sensors under each polaroid that activate the camera position on the photo. the touch sensors are simply connected to button pins of an usb gamepad. the wheel lets the camera rotate around the car.

the light box interface is a very easy to use interface furniture.


video mp4

felt nintendo ds lite cozy

these are the grey felt cozies for my nintendo ds lite and my mobile phone. i designed and created them together with birgit. they are designed as simple as it could be. five closed sides and one open. sewed together with simple stitches.

[update] the cozies were mentioned on o’reilly’s craft weblog.

mixed reality chainsaw

seit anfang des jahres arbeitete ich am igd an einem mixed reality projekt fuer den kettensaegenhersteller dolmar. dabei ging es um die simulation von arbeitsszenarien mit dolmars neuer kettensaege ps-5000. ergebnis der arbeit war die simulation der waldarbeiterdisziplin “scheiben schneiden”, bei der eine gerade scheibe mit einem bestimmten gewicht zu schneiden ist. die konzentration lag dabei auf der entwicklung einer software/hardware loesung zur realistischen vermittlung des arbeitens mit einer kettensaege (haptik, technik).

die simulation besteht aus folgenden komponenten:

– projektion eines bauernhofszenarios (igd avalon / instant reality)
– positionsbestimmung einer modifizierten kettensaege via optisches led tracking (igd visionlib)
– haptiksimulation über sensorgesteuerten saegebock aus acryl und mdf (arduino)
– modifizierte kettensaege als interaktionsgeraet – force feedback, gasgriff, anlasser (logitech wireless rumblepad)

das projekt wurde zur gafa 2006 in koeln vorgestellt.

at the igd i was working for some month on a mixed reality projectfor the chainsaw manufacturer dolmar. the goal was to create a simulation of a lumberjack discipline – cutting disc with a certain weight – with dolmar’s latest chainsaw model ps-5000. we concentrated on creating a hardware / software solution for a realistic experience of working with a chainsaw.

the simulation constists of the following components:

– a projection of a farm scenario (igd avalon / instant reality)
– optical led tracking of the modified chainsaw (igd visionlib)
– haptic simulation via a sensordriven sawbuck build of acryl and mdf (arduino)
– interaction device: modified chainsaw – force feedback, throttle, starter (logitech wireless rumblepad)

the project was presented at gafa 2006 fair cologne.


video mp4

the setup and the electronics inside the chainsaw:


the arduino board with the two motor controllers and the amplifiers for the pressure sensors:

Fraunhofer IGD Project Website