processing applets on playstation 3

i finally got ubuntu gutsy 7.10 working on my playstation 3. the current firmware 2.10 made some problems with the wireless connection. but i found a fixed kernel on the only problem now is the poor performance because of the 256 mb ram of the ps3 and the software rendering.

processing itself does not work yet. but with ibm’s java i got my processing applets working by calling them via appletviewer in the shell.

appletviewer index.html (it works with urls, too)


instantplayer and opensg did not compile yet. i tried to build opensg via deb source packages. but johannes will set up a build system for me next week.

fritzing workshop & gameplaces talk

last week i was invited to fh potsdam’s fritzing workshop and gameplaces talk in frankfurt.

the fritzing project is an attempt to develop a visual software for designing pcbs in physical computing. some of the arduino guys were there: massimo banzi, david mellis and tom igoe. i presented some projects of me and my students and described the way how we are working with arduino. due to the short time of the semester my students are using only breadboards instead of pcbs. this also enables an incremental and try&error learning process. tom igoe’s statement about the lack of women in physical computing was not present in my documentation and also some others.


wednesday i was invited to speak at gameplaces talk in frankfurt. i showed some game related projects of my students. the connection between experimental interface design and new game interfaces was quite promising.

siggraph 07

this year johannes and one of my students are exhibiting at siggraph. johannes presents our software instantreality and demos at khronos group’s booth. marion won the space time competition and shows her work “ce.real” she did in my course “experimental interfaces” last semester.

three of my works are shown at the kronos booth:

a 8bit style world works as real time information graphic. just posted flickr images mapped on boxes are falling from the sky on a dump of images in real time. the world features realistic realtime shadows and physics. thus a huge chaos is produced by the falling boxes.
a katamari damacy like ball with physical forces rolls through the dump in order to increase chaos and to give an impression about the game capabilities of the concept.
Sorting the dumps by tags and time will come soon.


bubble mirror
the installation converts silhuettes of persons into physical bubble particles swimming to the surface.


trails in the fog
a minimalistic scene of trees and ascending elements in white fog rendered on a colorkeepbackground. the silent scene becomes positive chaos and renders incredible unforeseen images.


second life on the heyewall

last week linden labs released the source code of the second life client. we began thinking about what we could do with it.

first we started bringin second life to fraunhofer igd‘s heyewall – an 18 megapixel projection system. marcus and johannes managed it to get the client working on our clusters. there were some funny results because some textures were missing.

right now i am working to get the navigation working on my movableDisplay and emagin 3dvisor. next i will try to get real life sensors from arduino into the metaverse.



i managed to get a nintendo wii on european launch day. it was incredible. more than 40 running people in the shop. me too.

now i have my wii, the great wiimote, zelda, rayman raving rabbits and nintendo sports.

there are already drivers and example applications for reading the wiimote on linux, windows and os x.

how the wiimte works:

felt nintendo ds lite cozy

these are the grey felt cozies for my nintendo ds lite and my mobile phone. i designed and created them together with birgit. they are designed as simple as it could be. five closed sides and one open. sewed together with simple stitches.

[update] the cozies were mentioned on o’reilly’s craft weblog.

Gamesnight Performance

gerade habe ich videos unseres auftritts bei der ars electronica gamesnight 2004 gefunden. dan und ich haben statistiken in computerspielen gezeigt und dafuer ein intro in quake 3 gestaltet. denn geplant war, das wir voellig aus dem off als characters in game engine auftreten.ich hatte dafuer reduzierte quake models aus fotografien von dan und mir erstellt. waehrend der praesentation rannten wir durch eine virtuelle welt aus schlagworten und ausschnitten.

das konzept fuer den virtuellen auftritt stammte noch von der ausstellung innen|aussen.