New Theme

I liked the old Raumagent Theme a lot. But since it’s 11 years old it got problematic in different ways. In the end there were some security issues.

So from now i’ve got WordPress Twenty Sixteen which i will reduce over time.


AOL Shares

“If I had a share of AOL for every time someone said the same thing about how no one would use the Web because it was too nerdy and AOL was so cool and easy, I’d have millions of shares, and they’d be worth basically nothing.”

Cory Doctorow in BoingBoing comments

TwittARound Media Coverage

While TwittARound is still in Apple’s review process the media coverage had been fantastic.

Print magazines:
Wired Italy (including iTACITUS by Bruce Sterling!)
Fast Company

Los Angeles Times: Augmented reality iPhone apps for finding subways and Twitter neighbors
Wired Gadget Lab: Twitters Enters Meatspace: The End is Nigh
Wired Gadget Lab: If You’re Not Seeing Data, You’re Not Seeing
Techcrunch: Augmented Reality Twitter App Looks Awesome. Hope Apple Thinks So Too.
The Boston Globe: iPhone app adds tweets, audio to camera view
Ajaxian: Augmented Reality is just hot, and the Web can do it
ReadWriteWeb: Hot, Hot, Hot! A Twitter Augmented Reality App for iPhone
Trendpiraten Blog: Guck mal, wer da twittert
Gizmodo: TwittaRound Twitter Reality Augmentation Looks Amazing, Even If It Is a Horrible Idea
Handelsblatt: Apple erweitert die Realität auf dem iPhone
Mashable: Augmented Reality Twitter is the Coolest Thing Ever
Fast Company: Augmented Reality Is Both a Fad and the Future – Here’s Why
The Next Web: TwittaRound: An Augmented Reality Twitter App
The Collective Well:Top 10 Innovations at TEDMED

instantmini and beta5

we are about to release our x3d player for the iPhone! patrick just finished the OpenGL ES based application today. it is build with the official iPhone SDK and will be available in the AppStore soon.


beta5 of instantplayer will be released today, too. the experimental BrowserTexture is one of my favorite features. XMLHttpRequest was postponed to beta6. meanwhile i found a solution via TCPClient backend for loading and parsing XML.

all news and interesting demos will be presented at WEB3D and SIGGRAPH next week. see you there..

nasa world wind data

while working with nasa world wind java i was researching the structure of the satellite data behind it. here are the results..

mapserver urls:

satellite data (dds):

topo / elevation data (bil, zip):

configuration file that describes the layers in layer manager (earth):


mapserver information:

nasa world wind map tile structure:


chat protocol with useful information:

nasa world wind tile structure description:

how a mapserver works:

image conversion:

convert bil topodata in java to tif:

terrain – federverbindungen

die verbindung der eckpunkte der einzelnen platten war bisher noch unklar. marcos entwurf mit geknoteten gummis hat in meinem prototypen nicht funktioniert. was wir nicht bedacht hatten ist die grosse spannung zwischen den platten damit diese nicht durchhaengen.

federn koennten die loesung sein. es muessen nur die richtigen groessen und staerken gefunden werden.