Open Data Mashup: Windpower in Bavaria / Windstrom in Bayern

Where are the wind power plants located in Bavaria? Seems there are not that many in Oberbayern and Niederbayern.
Wo wird Windstrom in Bayern produziert? Scheinbar nicht viel in Ober- und Niederbayern.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.24.32

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.24.24



Designblick Werkschau 01 2014

In der Werkschau “Designblick 2014” stellen Mediendesign-Studenten ihre Semesterarbeiten vor.
Die Designblick ist eine halbjährlich, öffentlich stattfindende Veranstaltung der Hochschule Hof,
Campus Münchberg. Der Eintritt in die Ausstellung ist kostenfrei.

Unsere Studenten stellen u.a. interaktiven Arbeiten zum Thema “Space” aus, Informationsgrafiken zum Thema “Open Data”, “Papier” aus User Experience Design und Creative Coding Sketches.

Freitag, 14.02.14, 18:00–22:00 Uhr, ab 22:00 Uhr Designblick-Party
Samstag, 15.02.14, 10:00–18:00 Uhr

Hochschule Hof, Campus Münchberg
Kulmbacher Straße 76
95213 Münchberg

Freitag, 14.02.14, 19:00 Uhr
Samstag, 15.02.14, 15:00 Uhr

My old iPhone 3GS just burned and cracked open on the sofa.

Update 2: I called Apple’s hotline. Their robot first told me i had to pay 35 € in advance in order to tell them about the problem. I tried it anyway. The guy on the phone told me that in this case they’ll talk to me without Apple Care. Unfortunately they only proposed a repair option for 160 €.
He couldn’t tell me what would have happened when the phone had burned the sofa. Anyway i’ll now will give my old iPhones to recycling and not display them in the shelf. Poor old first gen iPhone.
And no. I didn’t use the iPhone since 2009 after Apple declared to use location data.

Update: Damn. This thing is still growing. I’ll better bring it outside.


I am happy the sofa didn’t burn, too.

IMG_3554 IMG_3551 IMG_3558