Overview: Interactive Cultural Heritage Projects

An overview of my interactive Cultural Heritage projects over the last years.

Motion Bank Augmented Reality Postcard
An Augmented Reality visualization of Ros Warby dancing Deborah Hay’s “No Time To Fly”. She was captured by 3 cameras in order to extract her silhouette and calculate her 3D position. The postcard and the brochure are tracked via natural feature tracking with Fraunhofer IGD’s Mobile AR framework.


DATEV Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften in Nürnberg
Posters come to live thorugh Augmented Reality. The iPad app illustrates the history of the Datev Company, data processing and taxation. It was presented 2011 at Nürnberg’s Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften.


dARsein: Augmented Reality Tour through Architectural History at House of Olbrich
The iPhone app visualizes the compelling history of Darmstadt’s unique Jugendstil quarter with Augmented Reality. Jump back in time visually by photos you take with your iPhone: Augmented Reality superimposes information on each picture and visualizes the impressive historical architecture of the Art Nouveau in front of real building.


MovableScreen at Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam
During the “A Future for the Past” exhibition of Allard Pierson Museum (http://www.allardpiersonmuseum.nl) in Amsterdam we are presenting two Augmented Reality applications on the MovableScreen: A virtual reconstruction of Satricum and an annotated landscape on a 1855 photograph of Forum Romanum (Rome Reborn).


Augmented Reality Sightseeing
A table with a satellite image of Berlin shows a 3D model of the Berlin Wall and the urban development from 1940 – 2008 are displayed. Therefore urban grain plans showing areas covered with buildings is augmented on the satellite image. The visualization was presented on UMPCs and the iPhone via video seethrough. Furthermore posters are simulating the system working outdoors. Historic photographs are seamless superimposed and showing the development of landmarks.


iTACITUS Reality Filtering
Reality Filtering enables context sensitive overlays of original historic drawings of missing paintings or lost architecture. For a seamless integration we are rendering the reality in the style of the original drawing (here: blach and white). At Reggia Venaria Reale (http://www.lavenaria.it) we are visualizing missing paintings in Diana Hall, different architecture styles of Palazzo Diana and the lost Temple Diana in the gardens of the palace.


Rome Reborn Augmented Reality at SIGGRAPH 2008
Augmented Reality overlays of 3D roman monuments via markerless tracking.