My Dog Light Writing “Makers”

Mounting 5 LEDs on a moving object creates one of the cheapest and largest displays: Persistence of Vision. It’s been done on bicycle wheels, fans and other rotating objects.

In this project i am sewing a Lilypad wearable Arduino board and five LEDs with conductive thread on my dog’s shirt. She (Ianto) is a Miniature Pinscher running very fast for fun. In curves fast enough for Persitence of Vision. And she likes running in large circles in the park! Light writing.

I chose Cory Doctorows “Makers” for her writing with light. It’s one of the most influential books i read in the last years. A book about our generation of Makers set some month / years in the future. And Cory released it under Creative Commons license. Thus anyone can remix it.

This is a remix in light.

The hardware:
5 Sparkfun LilyPad LED Bright White
Sparkfun LilyPad Power Supply
Conductive Thread

Sewing conductive thread i kind of tricky. It took some time until i got used to it and the stitches got straight. I even got some short circuits because crossing plus and minus threads too close. But meanwhile i prefer it over soldering.

Source code: LilyPOVText.pde

Thanks to Birgit for the shirt and Ianto for running around.

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