Wikileaks Diary Dig Mashup Resources

Wikileaks just released a huge database of classified front reports from the Iraq War. I was first disappointed that they did not release a database dump like with the Afghan War Logs where they provided CSV and SQL files.

Diary Dig JSON API

But the Diary Dig JSON API is much more powerful for web mashups. There is no full API documentation. But it works as simple as adding “json” to the URL of a Wikileaks Iraq War Logs Explorer query. All the parameters for your search are located in the navigation on the left side.


This is the jQuery documentation for loading the data:

Google Fusion Tables

The Guardian provides a set of data about deaths during the war via Google Fusion Tables:
Google Fusion Tables provides a simple interface for uploading large data sets from spreadsheets or CSV files and to visualize them on maps, timelines and charts.
More data from the Guardian:

Long loading time …

More examples about visualizations are provided by QWNI who created the War Logs collaborative interface: