OLPC Project in Kenya

In 2007 i ordered my first OLPC (XO) through the “give one get one” campgaign. It was quite complicated to order it in USA and ship it to Germany. The order was placed in November 2007 and it was shipped in February 2008. A good friend helped me to ship it. Me and my students loved the laptop.


Later in December 2008 i ordered a second XO via Amazon for the charity “pro-a-kids“, which helps children in the village Timau in Kenya. My whole family is supporting the organization for some time. pro-a-kids organized a campaign for young German trainees helping the local Kindergarden and Primary School. Two of the trainees took the XO with them to Kenya and tried to find a person or an institution for it. They presented it for example to the pupils at the Primary School. Unfortunately they found no one to seriously introduce and maintain the laptops, yet.

The experiment didn’t work out this time. But at least by buying two XOs, two more XOs were donated this way.