iTACITUS Final Review in Turin

iTACITUS is finished. After 32 month the EU funded project came to an end. The final review took place at Reggia Venaria Reale in Italy.


Fraunhofer IGD presented the final version of our augmented reality application on UMPCs (live markerless tracking) and iPhone (Snapshot AR). The application shows context aware overlays of the architecture and interior of the palace. We only used available historic media linke drawings and paintings. This enables affordable augented reality for cultural heritage compared to expensive 3D reconstructions. For a seamless integration of the overlays we invented Reality Filtering (VAST 2008) which renders the environment in the style of the overlay (black and white drawing, painting).



My paper “Cultural Heritage Layers” about iTACITUS was accepted at VSMM 2009 in Vienna.