augmented reality sightseeing at CeBIT 2009

as fraunhofer igd we are presenting the project “augmented reality sightseeing” at BMBF booth (hall 9, booth 40) during CeBIT 2009 in hannover. it deals about “20 years fall of the berlin wall” and is split in three components on two devices: iPhone and UMPC.

like in iTACITUS we are displaying historic photos over today’s view of Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag. in addition the urban development of berlin and the wall are presented on a satellite image of berlin on a table. via augmented reality video-seethrough urban grain plans from 1940 – 2008 in are augmented on the table in 3D.

it works live on an UMPC and via Snapshot Augmented Reality on the iPhone. therefore we set up a tracking server that receives an image, augments it and sends it back to the iPhone.

the german tv was also there:
video from 11:40