WEB3D & SIGGRAPH 2008 – part two

the presentation of the paper “Adapting X3D for Multi-Touch environments” at WEB3D conference and our demos at the WEB3D showcase were really successful. tobias showed his mixed reality light simulation and i presented the radiohead iphone experiment.


finally i met don brutzman and leonard daly who wrote the first X3D book X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors. Now i have a signed one.


at SIGGRAPH johannes and dirk gave their “Don’t be a WIMP” class. we showed some stereo rendering, wiimote 6DOF and augmented reality demos afterwards. inbetween we had to run to fetch the google t-shirts..


together with “Rome Reborn” we exhibited the iTACITUS technology. via instantvision’s markerless tracking we showed 3d models of roman monuments on top of a floor map and posters of Rome.

next years WEB3D conference will be at IGD in darmstadt!