rendering thom yorke on the “In Rainbows” LP in augmented reality

when radiohead released their “In Rainbows” album i bought the limited edition deluxe discbox. it’s good for markerless tracking! now thom yorke’s virtual head is rendered on it in augmented reality.

in our itacitus project at IGD alain and yulian developed a “poster tracker” for markerless tracking. it takes a photo of a flat object (poster, LP, iPhone screen) and extracts visual features. in instantreality it calculates the right camera position relative to the tracked object. thus it is very easy to write augmented reality applications without deep knowledge in computer vision.


ok. i trained the poster tracker for the “In Rainbows” cover and added the 3D data of “House of Cards” to it via peter’s script. now thom is singing on top of the album. thanks mario for the mac version!



the tracking works on the iphone, too. ok. only when displaying the image on the iphone. but we are really porting instantreality to the iphone.