radiohead’s ‘house of cards’ data in real-time 3d

yesterday radiohead released the 3d data of their video ‘house of cards’ under the creative commons license. brilliant!

we downloaded the data this morning and started to render it in real-time 3d. imagine a music video that you can walk through! we finished the first visualizations this evening.

peter eschler and i wrote a python script that converts radiohead’s csv coordinate data into an x3d / instantreality particleset. he already started interpreting the intensity values as z-depth, color and dot-size. you can download the python script (bsd license) at his website:…

the real-time 3d data looks impressive on our new heyewall 2.0 – a multi-touch projection wall with 8160 x 4000 pixel resolution. the next days we will add a wiimote / balance board interaction for controlling time and distortion.


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peter created an atomizer of thom’s virtual copy.