reality filter in cultural heritage project

at fraunhofer igd i am leading the augmented reality part of the eu funded project iTACITUS. the project deals with mobile augmented reality for cultural heritage sites.

in april we tested our markerless tracking and my reality filtering system at the unesco word heritage site “reggia venaria reale” near turin in italy. the markerless tracking bases on alain’s and yulian’s poster tracker. you only have to take a reference image of the background for a stable tracking. that’s how tracking should work.

my reality filtering system renders the whole environment at a sketch in order to augment historic drawings on the site. one example is temple diana at the site. it was located at the end of a long creek in the large gardens. only its ruins and two historic drawings are left. standing on a viewing platform visitors are looking through the display of a mobile computer. as soon as they are looking at the temple’s position the video on the screen is rendered like a sketch and the drawing on the temple fits in the environment. the whole garden becomes a real time drawing.


there is a flash video of the tests on the project site:

ps: mark from boingboing just wrote about a frog concept about a reality filtering.