x3d mashup proof of concept

here is an experiment about creating x3d worlds from real time online data.

x3d is xml. thus with some xslt every rss feed can be converted into x3d.

on a local mac or linux box that’s simple. using available online tools is more challenging. i tried yahoo pipes, google mashups and w3c’s xslt service. and here is the proof of concept:

1. use an rss or get some data together in pipes:

2. write an xslt stylesheet that gets the interesting parts from the rss and puts it into the right place in x3d. i.e. image links into the url field of a imagetexture. this xslt gets the title of the feed and puts it in a screentextoverlay in a foreground:

3. the translation can happen on a local computer or server. i used w3d’s webservice. the result is a short x3d file that prints the feed’s title in the foreground:

unfortunately instantplayer does not load the file without .x3d ending.