last semester’s topic of my course “experimental interfaces” at fh wuerzurg’s design faculty was reconqr – reconquer urban networks. the results were amazing:

an augmented reality visualization of urban network traffic projected on architecture

urbanpulse (silke hilsing)
a minimal installation for feeling the city.

klangstufen (christiane keller)
stairs act as interface for a spacial sound experience of stockholm’s city noise.

denk.mal (claudia wieser)
a large interactive installation about privacy issues at german facebook clone studivz.

urban aura (philipp hartung)
experimental protocol for the communication channel between underground metro and surface: wind and light.

sound of surveillance (dominik hoegn)
creates sound from surveillance cameras

parasite (katharina weier)
an urban parasite communication system

all progress and development was documented in the courses weblog: