surveillance update

dan joined the development and started the windows version of the screen saver. it is quite finished yet. unfortunately he is offline during the week due to his job. but it should be released soon.

i added a lot of new cameras. not only axis but mobotix, panasonic, etc are in the list right now. it was not easy to get the urls of the cameras because google kicked my bot after some requests. inurl requests are blocked by google after the 12th page and limited to 1000 results. i found a nice workaround that gave me some more results but not all of them.

the new version of the mac version will be delayed thanks to apple and gravis. my macbook is broke since more than one month. they sent it back twice with defect logic boards. now they are trying again to repair it and refuse to give me a new one. that’s so annoying.

cameras in google earth
i processed a kml file of the geolocalized camera urls: