SurveillanceSaver alpha 1

SurveillanceSaver hit the blogosphere two weeks ago. Boing Boing, Wired, Times Online, Make:, etc wrote about it. my server got 34.000 visits and 5.8 gb traffic this month. a lot of people wrote me emails and sent me contributions to the software.

i started a google code project in order to enable participation to the code:
there i will put all the necessary information, scripts and tools.

the windows version of the screensaver is still not there. dan has no time to write it in .net because of his new job. i tried to create it via python, processing and flash. the flash version works quite well but the code is a mess. i still hope that someone else gets the code snippets and writes the windows version. please contact me!

the OS X version got a new feature: geolocalization. with the help of maxmind’s free geoip database the camera’s ips were mapped with coordinates. it’s really interesting to see where it happens. brian and simone added some code to avoid flickering.


download SurveillanceSaver alpha 1 at

i had to post two new updates because random in Quartz Composer has a bug. it always starts with the same numbers. thus you saw always the same images. i am now using the seconds of the system time for the base of the random. it improves it but does not solve the problem (apple’s life isn’t random anymore).

now the random bug is really solved.. 1c is the latest version.