digg introduced they api with a visualization contest. it is limited to flash based contributions. anyway. it is a nice approach using instant player for visualizing real time data with X3D on our institute’s projection systems.

there are two visualization sketches on different output systems. in both the stories are growing as ice-like typography trees in real time. each category grows its own tree of upcoming stories. in the center grows the tree with the frontpage stories.


DiggTrees on heyewall
due its very high resolution the heyewall is an ideal projection system for visualizations with a high information density. with 18 megapixels or 6000×3000 pixels resolution it is possible to read the tiniest typography. that’s why we do not have to zoom anymore. instead we are coming closer to the screen to read small items.

video (mp4)

DiggTrees on MovableScreen
the visualization on MovableScreen is a more spacial approach. the trees are growing in a circle around the front page stories. by rotating the display we can move around the circle and read details.

video (mp4)