MovableScreen presented at Hannover Messe

during the last months i realized my idea of a movable screen as interaction device at the IGD. it is again a minimalistic approach integrating / hiding complex technlogy in famliar hardware. i simply put an 24″ iMac at a rotating pillar and tracked the rotation with a rotation encoder. in order to create the effect of a “window into virtual reality” i am tracking the user’s head and map the position on the virtual camera. primarily it is running instantreality framework for visualization. there are also working prototypes of Second Life, Google Earth and hopefully soon Nasa Worldwind Java.


last week we presented the MovableScreen at the Hannover Messe trade fair at the booth of BMBF. the software shows the simulation of a Coperion bulk materials plant i created together with my colleages at design&systems institute using instantreality framework. we already have sold two MovableScreens until now!