light box interface

im march fraunhofer igd presented an installation about photorealistic rendering at CeBIT 2006 in hannover. the stereo projection shows an high detailed 3D model of a BMW in photorealistic quality.

i created the “light box interface” for this installation. it’s a table with 8 different polaroid photos of the car on it with an integrated aluminium powermate wheel. touching a photograph activates the camera position in the 3d scene shown on the photo. thats the link between “photorealistic” and “rendering”. touching a photograph reveals an identical looking real time image on the projection.

there are touch sensors under each polaroid that activate the camera position on the photo. the touch sensors are simply connected to button pins of an usb gamepad. the wheel lets the camera rotate around the car.

the light box interface is a very easy to use interface furniture.


video mp4